Kehillah Jewish High School

Palo Alto, California


Tons of C02 avoided in carbon footprint


kW size system.


Of electricity covered by solar.


Solar panels, all using SmartModule Technology.


Downpayment by Kehillah high School


Dollars saved in energy costs over life of the system.



Coupling the best of the Silicon Valley mindset with rich traditions, Kehillah Jewish High School attracts those who seek world-class academics in a supportive community, empowering them with the knowledge and strength to flourish in a rapidly changing world. At Kehillah, students embark on a journey of self- discovery guided by a community of passionate educators. They graduate with the knowledge, values, and community that enable them to create extraordinary futures.



In 2013, Kehillah High School recognized a flat roof solar system could bring it both energy security, economic benefits, as well as offer a unique learning experience for students. As Kehillah sought to foster the change makers of the 21st Century, it saw a solar energy system as an excellent opportunity to teach about the new, clean energy economy. Yet, as a private high school, Kehillah did not have the funds to purchase a solar power system outright. Instead, it secured Komuna to design and implement its new system, as well as secure a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to finance the system without any capital expediter from the school. 


Komuna utilized the latest in solar technology, including SmartModules from Trina Solar, to maximize the energy generation capacity of the Kehillah High School roof. The resulting 107kW system was built using 458 solar panels and designed to generate 100% of the school's electricity needs.



This 107kW system is set to save Kehillah High School over $529,000 in energy costs over the 25-year life of the system. During that time the Kehillah solar installation will reduce its CO2 emissions by 3,762 tons. This is equivalent to taking 7,250 cars off the road or planting 7,500 trees.