At Komuna, our partners are just that - partners. While other energy developers might hide the true cost of energy development in favor of larger margins, Komuna works differently. Our partners are not a means to a profit-bearing end, but rather relationships that form the underlying structure of everything we stand for. It’s this foundation of respect and teamwork that allows Komuna to develop the ideal energy solutions for all those we work with – optimized, risk reduced, and financially viable projects that yield excellent returns for investors and cost-reductions for energy consumers.


Commercial and Industrial organizations devote an enormous of capital towards energy costs and are at the whim of the utilities that control those energy sources. Our commercial and industrial partners can reduce costs and take a degree of control over their power with our renewable solutions. These solutions come at no cost to your business – innovative financing structures such as Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) mean that there is no upfront capital is needed – simply pay less for your energy than you pay now, and reduce your business’ carbon footprint.


Communities are more prepared than ever to be both the source and consumers of their own energy – our energy solutions enable an unparalleled freedom from the utility which can save you and your neighbors money – money that can go towards family and community resources. Our diverse range of technologies mean that solutions are available for every type of group. By pooling and consolidating these solutions, the benefits of solar and renewables are spread through an entire population – not just limited to individual households.


The grid can go green – and Komuna can help. Through FIT programs and aggressive pursuit of opportunities nationwide, Komuna is developing the solar and renewable projects that will feed directly into the next generation of America’s green power grid. Favorable incentives both nation and worldwide provide excellent investment returns that are as dependable as the sunlight that drives the PV systems. An agile administrative and development process means that we can partner with utilities regardless of location and size to reach renewable energy standards and more.