Energy and electricity is perhaps the most valuable resource in the world – and one that 1.3 billion people lack worldwide. The consequences of tis number are far reaching: electricity means less time spent on housework for those working in the home, light for a student working on their homework at night, and access to the mobile communication technology that is making the world more efficient and easier to navigate.

Komuna, at it’s core, is about community. We believe we are as connected to our partners as we are to those 1.3 billion people without access to power. That’s why Komuna is founded on the One-For-One energy donation model: we partner with nonprofit organizations to finance free renewable energy technology systems to those in developing nations with the aim bringing the energy-impoverished onto the electric grid without the use of popular alternatives such as coal or gas. For every penny our partners pay towards their solar projects, someone on the other side of the world is benefiting.