Komuna Energy has the experience, connections, and team to develop end-to-end renewable energy solutions for every type of building, land, or community.

We make the switch to solar accessible and easy, all while reducing energy costs and carbon footprints. When we say end-to-end, we mean it. From project inception and financing, permitting, construction, operation & maintenance, to monetization of incentive and rebates, Komuna navigates the oftentimes difficult and unapproachable landscape of renewable energy for you

Our broad range of solar technologies and financing options ensure that we have a solution for your property that fits within your budget. Not only will we navigate this process for you, we promise to use our comprehensive financial and engineering algorithms to maximize your savings, while minimizing risk.



Rooftop-mounted solar PV is one of the most promising technologies changing the way businesses and communities develop and consume energy. Monetize unused rooftop space by installing panels to cut down on your energy bills

Our developers can assess your roof top capacity using only satellite imagery, instantly calculating savings and modeling your new rooftop PV system.

Our finance models don’t hurt either - we engage in a Power Purchase Agreement with our partners, which means that you will pay 0 upfront costs on the system, and instead buy energy from the panels at a rate lower than what you currently pay for your utility. Save money, save energy, and help those in developing countries? A Komuna rooftop Solar PV system can do it all.


The world is moving away from the electricity grid as we think of it - technology advances in both PV solar systems and energy storage mean that we are no longer tied to traditional utilities. Komuna uses advanced software algorithms to design off-grid combined solar/storage systems that can help your business go completely off the grid. Produce and consume your own energy - no emissions, no utility - Komuna can help you achieve Energy Freedom. 


This rapidly developing technology stands to make an enormous impact on both energy consumers and the solar market. Carports offer a number of benefits over traditional rooftop and ground-mounted PV arrays – make use of barren lots to produce energy that can be consumed or sold to the grid – all while providing a shade space for cars or outdoor gatherings. Take your empty space and turn it into power – and reap the benefits.


Storage is the coming revolution in energy – giving businesses and communities more control over their energy than ever before. On-site batteries take energy from the grid at low prices or capture excess power from PV systems. Take control of your electricity and shave down your energy bill. With or without solar, storage can revolutionize your consumption and drastically reduce your energy bill.


Ground mounted solar is a customizable and flexible way for our clients to reach their renewable energy goals. While other technologies are limited in their scope, ground mounted solar can be adapted to the land, allowing for enormous increases in power capacity - making this technology attractive to all types of investors.

Our professional team is qualified to make the most of your land and optimize a system to fit the property. These systems of tailored to last, and adapt with the land to meet any environmental conditions. Ground mounted solar brings the flexibility and ease that solar customers need.